I'm Logan (21). Born in Canada, raised in America, and this is everything from then on. I'm in film school, but all I really want to do is work on a boat and write. My favorite film genre is James Bond.

If for any reason you want to see what I do at film school, here's my Vimeo page.

For those brave enough, I have a writing blog that I sometimes update.

I also run a blog called Looney Tunes Stills where you'll find gifs of Mickey Mouse cartoons.


Snookered by Dan Deacon

This is still and forever will be my favorite 5 A.M. all-nighter pick me up from school work that I am absolutely loathing.

It makes me remember all the living I can do once I’m finished typing behind my desk.

(Also it reminds me of my crazy Spring Semester 2013 shenanigans when I was a depressed little lone wolf working 4 jobs, going to school full time, and catching up on Game Grumps all at the same time.)

"White Sky" by Vampire Weekend in 8-bits!

Hey! Ever wonder what a Vampire Weekend song would sound like coming out of an old Nintendo Game Boy?

Not too long ago I made a chiptune cover of “White Sky” by Vampire Weekend, and you can check it out on my LOG_arhythm SoundCloud page!

Chiptunes are songs made using the restrictions of old video game consoles/equipment. For example, I programmed this song on a Nintendo Game Boy using a step sequencer called Little Sound DJ.

Check it out! /end shameless self plug

Hey, so yeah, I make chiptunes and I talk about it a lot, but I never have anything to show people.


Aww yeah that’s right. My well-hidden LOG_arhythm SoundCloud page has finally emerged into the sunlight! Here’s one of my first original songs.

Here’s the part where I beg people to go listen to it!

It’d be greatly appreciated. Thx. I’ll be uploading more music soon and possibly an EP at the end of October, so blah blah blah stay tuned etc. etc.

Oh lord

This is such a first world problem but I’m already at that stage of my semester where, when I finally have free time, there are a million and one things I’d like to do, then I end up doing none of them.

Great job, me.

Nerdcore Instrumentals 2, by Sammus + Dj CUTMAN

DJ Cutman’s new release, which is a collab with Sammus, is pretty freaking great.

Give it a listen on a quiet afternoon while surfing the web/cleaning around the house and drinking coffee.

My school’s Fall 2014 semester starts next Monday. Just now, while sitting outside playing Pokémon during my lunch break, I saw a kid skateboard by while holding a guitar.

It has begun.

Breakbeat Heartbeat is one of the best chiptune/chipbreak producers I’ve ever listened to.

Please take a listen. It’s like if the people who made the soundtracks for all of Hayao Miyazaki’s films made it on Game Boys after drinking too much coffee. It’s brilliant.

So you can wake up to the beautiful screeches of JonTron.
*UPDATE LEL* WOw i just
how and why did this became popular just like what
and apparently its reached its download limit
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