I'm Logan (21). Born in Canada, raised in America, and this is everything from then on. I'm in film school, but all I really want to do is work on a boat and write. My favorite film genre is James Bond.

If for any reason you want to see what I do at film school, here's my Vimeo page.

For those brave enough, I have a writing blog that I sometimes update.

I also run a blog called Looney Tunes Stills where you'll find gifs of Mickey Mouse cartoons.


A little while ago I took this series of pictures because I was procrastinating on a paper and waiting to eat dinner. I wasn’t gonna post it, but I find it really funny now, so here.

Basically, I was thinking about how the character and look of James Bond has been portrayed so differently from Smug Sean Connery to Daniel Duckface Craig.

Here I demonstrate all the faces of James Bond because it’s silly and fun, and coincidentally, these are six semi-common faces I make in photos.

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