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Kiss Cam by The Arkells

Welp, these fellows are in town tonight (which is really rare, mind you), and I’ll be working…

Regardless, I don’t have the funds to pay for a ticket and parking and gas and all that…

But still. There would’ve been a good chance of meeting them after experiencing their awesome show, and then geeking out about Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip. I’ve done it before with them. It was great.

So I guess I’ll just be listening to them during my shift tonight to compensate.

Kiss Cam by The Arkells

Well, this campfire won’t last forever.
The Hip have only wrote so many songs.

A large part of my life in two lines. This is why I love you, Arkells.

Might I add that this is one of the best looking music videos in the entire universe, too.

Kiss Cam by The Arkells

The weather is absolutely awesome today, so naturally I was blasting this song while driving around running errands.

Michigan Left - The Arkells

I was just gonna post “Kiss Cam” again since I’m still addicted to that song, and I listened to it three times back to back on my drive home today.

But here’s “Michigan Left” instead, just as catchy and awesome as “Kiss Cam” because this is such a fantastic album.

Kiss Cam - The Arkells

I’m not sure how many times I’ve posted this song on my blog, but it’s just too damn good to ignore.

Jesus. It’s just so perfect. I can’t wait to blast this while driving all the way up to Canada this summer.

Kiss Cam - The Arkells

I love everything about the Winter, but whenever I listen to this song I just wish it were the summer. Mostly because of the reference to campfires and The Tragically Hip in the first two lines.

This campfire won’t last forever,
The Hip have only wrote so many songs.