I'm Logan (21). Born in Canada, raised in America, and this is everything from then on. I'm in film school, but all I really want to do is work on a boat and write. My favorite film genre is James Bond.

If for any reason you want to see what I do at film school, here's my Vimeo page.

For those brave enough, I have a writing blog that I sometimes update.

I also run a blog called Looney Tunes Stills where you'll find gifs of Mickey Mouse cartoons.


I have to do this.

I have to I have to I have to.

How could I possibly second guess this!?

New plan:

Fly to Amsterdam from Dublin. See The Hip on June 29th. Spend a few days in Amsterdam. Take the train to Belgium, Hungary, Austria, London, then finally fly to Scotland, and take a ferry from Scotland to Dublin where I’ll fly home.


Played 169 times

Green Onions by Booker T. and the MG’s

Pretty much the best summer song.

I REALLY don’t want to say that I think this way because of The Sandlot, but let’s face it, it’s most likely why.

Summer’s Killing Us by The Tragically Hip

It completely escaped me that today was the first day of summer.

That being said, it’s totally fitting that it was 98 degrees out today, and simultaneously felt like such a long day.

So here’s my obligatory “here’s a song with the word ‘Summer’ in it” post.

Coffee Girl by The Tragically Hip

Today marks the first day of my summer break where I can actually feel that it’s summer break, and it’s a very nice feeling. I woke up way earlier than planned this morning because of a phone call from my mom, but that granted me the opportunity for a nice, slow start to my day, which I always enjoy. So here’s a song that I feel accurately represents this “calm summer (break) morning” feeling.

Kiss Cam by The Arkells

The weather is absolutely awesome today, so naturally I was blasting this song while driving around running errands.


Hey there, folks! Long time, no see!

Well, it’s very nearly time for summer break, at which point I plan on returning to regular updates on this blog!

For now, here’s some shameless self-promotion for my final film project for this semester, which was inspired purely from Looney Tunes, and very specifically, the cartoon “Duck Amuck”.

So here’s “Canuck Amuck”!

Can’t wait for mornings of Looney Tunes and cereal during the summer!


I’ve just been informed that my Tragically Hip tickets have been ordered for this Canada Day at Burl’s Creek!!!

So excited!

This will be my 5th Tragically Hip show overall, the 3rd time I will be seeing them in Canada, and the 2nd time I will be seeing them on Canada day!

Kiss Cam - The Arkells

I’m not sure how many times I’ve posted this song on my blog, but it’s just too damn good to ignore.

Jesus. It’s just so perfect. I can’t wait to blast this while driving all the way up to Canada this summer.

I REALLY hope The Hip do some shows over the summer.

For me, the summer has always been synonymous with The Hip.

Two out of the four Hip concerts I’ve gone to were during the summer and in Canada, and there’s really nothing like making the 9 hour road trip back home to Canada just to see The Hip.